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Oh, shit, I want this

Reblogged from Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus:

Jessica got me this amazing pillow from Redbubble.   It was my conjunx endura and I can't find it anywhere.   (Because, yes, I'm like that and my life seems to be continually misplacing and finding things. I very rarely lost them, but I'm distraught: I loved this pillow and I carried it everywhere.   Every.   Where.   I got looks, and ignored them.  I'd rather use something and risk losing it than not use it at all.   Which is why I buy and read variant cover comics.   Deal, life.)


Still, I'm sad, and I tend to comfort myself by looking at more Transformers art. 


I'm thinking of getting this bag.   To use for school, because, y'know, I can use that excuse.