J.D. Holiday

Hi! I'm Author & Illustrator, J.D. Holiday.

I wrote and illustrated the picture books-Janoose The Goose, Janoose and The Fall Feather Fair, and The Spy Game; a chapter book for 6 to 9 year olds, The Great Snowball Escapade; a Christian Christmas Middle-grade novel, SIMPLE THINGS and a collections of short stories for adults in Stories &Imaginings For The Reading Spot.
Her site is: http://jdholiday.blogspot.com/



Happy Monsters!

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Children Books: Happy Monsters! (Bedtime Stories For Kids Ages 3-10): Kids Books - Bedtime Stories For Kids - Children's Books - Early Readers - Free Stories (Fun Time Series for Beginning Readers) - Uncle Amon



This is a small collection of short stories perfect for bedtime. There aren't a lot of pictures in this, only one per story, but that is perfect for bedtime when I want my six year old to wind down.


Each story is about a different monster who figures out a way to overcome dilemmas. My favorite is about a sunshine monster named Sunny. When the sun isn't shining they are invisible. It's difficult to do certain things like going to school, no one can see you raise your hand. On a rainy day, Sunny decides she is tired of being invisible and decides to fix the problem for her and her family.


These short stories and we're perfect for me and my kid, we had a very busy week. Each story only took about two minutes so it didn't take up too much time but it also gave my son something to think about while falling asleep. At the end of some the stories there is a short activity. These were also simple enough that my 11 year old daughter read to him two nights this week, even though she is self proclaimed bookworm she hates to eat outloud. I like the fact that this gave them something to do together besides trying to rip each other's heads off (their favorite past time).